The Examples We Set

For three months now I have been following the bible study shared on line through Good Morning Girls. I have tried to be diligent in reading my bible and reflecting on God's word. I have expanded my study through research on the internet and in God's word. I don't talk a lot about it to my children but they know that is what I am doing late at night or early in the morning. I have seen some positive and wonderful changes in my children. First of all, my daughter has started reading her bible and her own devotional book on her own. I didn't ask her or direct her to do so but I will go in her room and find her reading Devos for Girls or the Action Bible she checked out of the church library. Just tonight, I heard the kids in the living room. I was all ready to get on to them for not being in bed when I realized that they were reading our family story bible together, just the three of them. They were discussing the questions at the end of the reading time and sharing with one another - no adult supervision required. I don't think we truly realize the impact we have on our children's lives through our example. It wasn't my words that sparked this interest. It was simply my desire to be closer to Christ that has drawn my children. I am so thankful that God rewards our faithfulness in ways we never expected.