Change Isn't Easy



Have you ever set out to make a change, even a simple one, and found it was much harder than you ever thought?  Well imagine making a major change and then adding another and another and before long you can't even remember why you wanted to change to begin with.  I know deep down that this desire to become more organized, closer to God, and more open with the path I am traveling will lead to something better for me and those that are following my journey.  But it sure is exhausting.  I have so far been able to organize my kitchen and my recipes.  I have created a meal plan for the past several weeks and actually stuck pretty close to it.  I have set up a small office area in my dining room and am trying to keep up with laundry for 5 people.  On top of all this I am a teacher of 20 1st graders.  And there are days when I could go to bed at 3:30 and sleep until May.  But I will perservere.  It is my goal to have this house in order by the end of the year, some money in our savings account, and maybe next year my goal will be to rest just a little bit more.