5 rolls of parchment paper

Amy 01/31/2013
It is that great job of teaching that caused me to purchase 6 rolls of parchment paper. We make fossils every year during our unit on dinosaurs. The kids place them on parchment paper to dry (I flip them over before I leave each day) then carry them home in a baggie. This is so the homemade play-dough doesn't stick to my table and I can move them to another place while drying. What happens is, every year I buy more parchment paper. This year, however, I WILL NOT! Instead, I will take what I have to school (and possibly leave it there). I think I have used it to line my pans when making fudge as teacher gifts as well (that would be the great job of mothering).

Thanks for the support. It has been a great challenge but I am still committed (not sure at this point if I am committed to the project or some asylum).

Hope you are feeling better. Let me know how the surgery turns out.

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