Despite my parents predictions while I was living with them at home, I have become a fairly decent cook.  In fact, I find that I enjoy it very much.  I watch these cooking shows and I wonder why people make such strange recipes to impress these judges.  I would love to see these people impress a 3-year old, 7-year old, 10-year old, and grown man all with one meal.  That is a difficult challenge and sometimes I could use some advice. But sometimes I hit it dead on and we all love what I make. I want to share with you some recipes that we enjoy.  Some are really simple and some take a little more effort and time, plus pre-planning.  But I think there will be a great variety and something that will entice even the pickiest eater. 

I will spend this coming week in my decluttering challenge on recipes (but there really isn't anything to share about that). I will begin to post recipes that I would like to recomment to others on the recipe section of my blog. Some of these may be recipes that I have made in the past and we have loved. Some will be recipes that are new but we found them to be worthy of being added. I am currently sorting through all magazine cookbooks and loose recipes and compiling a box. I am also sorting through old recipe books to see what I have and decide if I will keep them. This will take the most time since I will be looking at specifics and writing down recipes that I think I need or use. Feel free to add recipes to the blog in the comment section.

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about quick and easy meals that everyone will enjoy.  That is where I will start with my recipe blog.  I understand that after working all day it is difficult to find the energy to come home and cook a healthy meal for your family.  It isn't because you don't care or love them, you're just tired.  It is sometimes easier to let fast-food feed them. I have nothing against fast-food. We eat it from time to time.  But I also know that it can become costly and many people are trying to find ways to save.  Cooking at home is so much better for you and cheaper.

Recipes We Love

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